Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reverse Sneezing, like a wheezing choking sound

thebulldogbunch : Message: Re: [The Bulldog Bunch]: "Reverse Sneezing:
The real name for reverse sneezing is paroxysmal respiration. Paroxysmal respiration is commonly described as a 'reverse sneeze' because for all purposes it does look as if a dog is trying to inhale a sneeze. When this occurs, your Bullie will appear to be snorting or choking with the neck extended and the chest expanded, as the she struggles to take in air.
Physiologically, the trachea has narrowed and the normal amount of air is not able to enter the lungs. In most cases, this not a serious problem and it looks much more horrifying than it is. If this is happening to your Bulldog, do not panic. You can help your her by soothingly stroking the upper throat area to encourage relaxation and dilation of the trachea. Other have had success gently pinching the nostrils together until the Bulldog swallows. This is usually all that is necessary. It is important to remember that most attacks will stop without doing anything at all."