Monday, July 25, 2005

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Canine Health Nutrition - MEDIUM Bulldog 24 Medium Breed Dog Formula: "The Bulldogļæ½s brachycephalic morphology makes it susceptible to tooth and mouth disorders. This morphology means that it doesn't chew its food very thoroughly, so that tartar builds up quickly"
--be sure to brush after every meal?!

Counteract the Effects of Heat:

Sonja and other Bulldog lovers, check this out! - The Dog Forum for Dog Lovers - Non-Sporting Group: "it got as high as 100 degrees today, and the buildings were NOT air conditioned. No dogs died (thank dog), but most of the dogs ended up sitting or laying down in the ring. The St. Bernard spent the entire time on the ground, having his groin iced and paw pads spritzed with water"
--good advise for the heat - cool the paws and the groin area

Who Needs a Security System? get a bulldog!

English Bulldogs: "Ok this little article is dedicated to my english bulldog, Beauregard or Beau for short. For those of you out there bulldogs are the most loving, protective, and friendly dogs out there. My dog protects me if I need it and there have been a few cases where Beau has been johnny on the money. One time is when he was just a little under a year old and I was walking him by myself at night and this guy started following us. I don't know if he was just going the same way or whatever but Beau got all on the defensive and started growling and baring his teeth. Let's just say that the guy got the message and took off in the other direction. I just wanted to say this because I always feel a little safer when I'm at home alone with my baby."
--way to go Beau!