Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Star-Telegram | 11/12/2006 | THE DOGMA OF BUTCH

Star-Telegram | 11/12/2006 | THE DOGMA OF BUTCH: "As Butch the bulldog dangled in mid-air, his jaw clamped ferociously onto the shoe of the world's most famous dog trainer, one had to wonder: Can this dog be helped?
His owners hoped so, but Butch was a dog with many issues: issues with golf carts. Garden hoses. Rakes and shovels. And on this day, their troubled canine appeared to be eating the host of a popular TV reality show.
Calling Cesar
Anytime Butch went near a golf cart, hose, rake or shovel, he appeared to hate these things, and he tried to attack anyone who touched them. Amy and Chap Reed of Fort Worth couldn't so much as water their lawn or ride around their property without the fear of being bitten by their English bulldog.
Bedtime wasn't any better. In fact, they couldn't even order him to his bed in the kitchen without a charge, a snarl and an angry snap.
The Reeds loved Butch. At times, he could be a real sweetheart -- gentle and affectionate around strangers and fine around other family pets.
But when it came to Butch's anger-management issues, they were at their wits' end. Their dog needed professional help, or he needed a new home.
Amy, who had pined for a bulldog since she was a little girl, was a devoted watcher of the National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan. The show's star is famous for helping troubled dogs, pets that many times seem beyond the point of rehabilitation. While watching the show, Amy would occasionally look over at Butch and warn: 'Don't make me call Cesar.'"
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