Sunday, July 17, 2005

Flying High with Your Bulldog

The Pet Professor Forums - English bulldog flying Paris to NYenglish bulldogs are at a higher risk for having problems breathing due to the lack of oxygen at such high altitudes and their smushed faces. also, if it happens to be over 85 degrees that day, the airline can refuse to take her

--I would never put my bulldog in the cargo area of a plane, no matter what temperature!

Nasty, persistent little buggers - Forums - RE: Interdigital Cysts: "My American Bulldog was diagnosed with interdigital cysts / pododermatitis a while ago. You treat with antibiotics. It can be a really tough thing to get rid of. Bulldogs are particularily prone to it. Sometimes, the cause of the cysts is unknown. However, it can be caused by contact dermatitis, trauma to the pad of the foot, food allergies, etc"

--it's all about the diet!