Sunday, August 21, 2005

Don't Let Your Bulldog Get Bored, even if they can't bark!

MSN Hotmail - Message: "Excessive barking may be a sign that your dog is bored and restless.

If your dog barks excessively, try adding more mental and physical challenges to alleviate restlessness. Take your dog on a couple of walks, spend time training and teaching tricks, and play together -- every day. When you are gone, provide engaging toys such as puzzle balls filled with treats. "

--none of us like boredom! we need to do something.

Just Like Us, Bulldogs Need Exercise

MSN Hotmail - Message: "Why Exercise?
Dogs need exercise as much as people do for optimal health. Ensuring that your dog gets enough exercise helps to keep your dog slim and healthy and helps to prevent unwanted behavior, which keeps your dog safe and happy.
A slim dog is a healthy dog. Balancing good nutrition with regular exercise helps reduce your pet's risk of obesity.
An active dog is a happy dog. An active dog is less likely to misbehave than a bored dog. Daily activities keep your dog happy and entertained, which helps keep him or her from nosing around in potentially dangerous items
or situations. Exercise also allows your dog to release restless energy in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner, which can keep you happy, too."

--my bulldog is now 11 and I exercise her every day!