Monday, May 01, 2006

Bulldogs from Russia for sale in Denmark!

Beware: Bulldogs from Russia for sale in Denmark!: "The Russian bulldog problem in this country is no secret. There are brokers in Brooklyn, NY and Pa and all over.

I'm surprised with all the bad press these people have gotten you were taken in by them.

This is a huge problem that has been going on for quite a while and the officials in charge of monitoring this activity are doing a very poor job indeed. With the advent of the internet - it has gotten much worse because access to the world is a lot easier.

Unless you or someone you knows personally knows a foreign breeder or knows a foreign breeders reputation- I'd be very wary. Now that's not to say all foreign breeders are bad - it's certain areas - like Russia, Indonesia and other areas of Europe and the middle east where these animals are a commodity to be made money from and that's it - just another puppy mill to have to deal with."

--always be careful dealing with foreign dog brokers!