Saturday, July 30, 2005

Excessive Paw Licking and Chewing Sign of Allergies

She probably got an infection in her paws from all the licking
which she does because of her allergies. Paw licking is a
sign of allergies. Vivy was put on antibiotics for this, and
all kinds of skin scrapings, but after much agonizing and trial
and error, I discovered a cure for her.

You really need to get to the cause of the allergies or as
soon as the antibiotics stop, the infections return. It
has become my belief that most bulldog allergies are caused
by diet. They are allergic to wheat and yeast and corn. The
worst offender is wheat.

These grains can cause inflammation which causes all kinds of
problems for dogs and humans.

Check your dog food to see what the ingredients are. Chances
are the first ingredient is wheat. When I switched Vivy from
her regular dog food to Avo Lamb and Rice, her allergies and
paw licking stopped. It takes a while, up to a couple months
for the food change to take effect. But in Vivy's case, it was
really pretty fast. I was amazed at the difference.

I also give Vivy some Omega 3 oils, like Alpha-lipoic acids
or just plain Olive Oil works pretty well. Start of with a teaspoon
and work slowly up to a Tablespoon. If you give her too much
initially, she may have an "accident".

Also, has she been spayed? If not, the allergies seem to
worsen around the time she'd be in heat.

You can find out more about English Bulldog allergies and
health at

Daisy is Living Right!

Northoftampa: Home Front: Ponder ponds for the soul: "Daisy, a sweet-tempered English bulldog, who at 12, still romps like a puppy, playfully pulling out all her toys for a visitor."

--12! that's great!