Friday, July 29, 2005

Bulldog Lover Designs Pet Friendly Slipcovers

Better Homes & Gardens: Dog days: these goodies will make puppy tails wag and felines purr´┐Żand keep owners happy too: "Weary of fighting pets' nesting instincts with a litany of 'no's'? Faced with the same problem, furniture designer Mitchell Gold began manufacturing fashion-forward slipcovered furniture more than a decade ago. His pieces are durable and simple to clean, so you won't fret when Fluffy decides to take forty winks on the sofa. '[Slipcovers are] easy because you can wash them every six to eight weeks,' says Gold, above with his English bulldog, Lulu. They are seated in his company's roomy Chair-and-a-half, which holds an adult and an animal or child. Gold's other ideas for helping pets and their owners live in harmony: upholstered ottomans for snoozing and carpeted staircases for secure footing. To see snapshots of Lulu and her furry friends, visit"

--machine washable, very good for droola hula!

The Contemplative English Bulldog

Ornithology for Beginners: "She was sitting on her butt, with her back legs stretched out in a 'V'. Her front legs sort of rested on her belly. She looked like a fat toddler or a little Buddha. That day, the sky was bright blue. And she sat, bottom chin thrust forward, head tilted slightly to the side, looking up at the sky in deep meditation.

I still wonder what she was thinking about, because she really did seem to be contemplating some great mystery."

--great description of bulldog!