Sunday, February 26, 2006

Poisoned Pet Food?

Poisoned Pet Food?: "When choosing food for my own two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Jambo and Daisy, I stay away from anything containing animal byproducts, rendered or recycled meats, poultry or fats, and look for meat protein that is properly cooked before it's consumed. I suggest you always check pet food labels to make sure that they clearly state that the food does not contain added growth hormones, antibiotic-fed protein sources, as well as rendered meats, fats and poultry. I would add corn to the list of ingredients to avoid. Pet Promise, the pet food I use, does not contain any of the protein sources I mention above. It does contain corn gluten meal, the high-protein part of the corn kernel that remains when the starch, bran, and germ are extracted. Corn gluten meal provides two essential amino acids that pets need, methionine and taurine. While you can never be 100 percent sure that corn gluten meal doesn�t contain aflatoxin, I'm satisfied that the corn from which corn gluten meal is extracted for Pet Promise is subjected to much more stringent tests. It comes from a family-owned Kansas facility that mills corn for use in human foods and has earned a 'superior' rating for its testing procedures from the American Institute of Bakers."
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