Monday, July 04, 2005

bulldog days of summer

Well, it looks like the Dog Days of summer are here again,
at least in Denver, where it's been over 90 for the past several
days, with no end in sight!

Did you know that the term Dog Days came from the Romans?
Caniculares Dies (Latin for dog days) referred the period of
intense heat from July through August.

The Romans believed that the movement of the stars in the heavens
controlled what happened on earth. So, when the heat of the
summer sun happened to coincide with the rising in the sky
of the Dog Star (Sirius), they coined the term "dog days". And
nowadays it still refers to that heat, as well as to a period of

Speaking of inactivity, that's exactly what your bulldog should
be doing in this kind of heat. As you know, bulldogs do not do
well in the heat: their shortened nose does not allow them to
cool off like other dogs and they are very susceptible to heat stroke.

My little Vivy is now eleven and she loves to lay in the sun and
go for her walks. Neither of which is such a good idea when it's 90 degrees,
but I have found some great ways to reduce the problems of too much heat.

When I walk her, I only do it early in the morning or late at night
in the summer. And I always take a water bottle along and pour water
on her when she starts to heat up, especially on her head (don't let
it get in her ears) and on her little behind.

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Vivy and I wish you a terrific, bulldog safe summer.
And please pass this message along to all your dog friends.

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your fellow bulldog lover,

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