Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Genetic Savings and Clone" ???!! Dog cloned in South Korea: "Snuppy, an Afghan hound named after the university that created him, joins an ever-growing list of cloned mammal offspring led by Dolly the sheep and more recently populated by sheep, mice, cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, mules, horses and rats.
Philip Damiani, chief scientific officer at Genetic Savings & Clone, said he would eagerly scrutinize the dog cloning report's details for technical information that may assist his team, which he said has produced a puppy clone that died at birth. Damiani likened his company's 'luxury' service to that of a specialty breeder trying to produce the notoriously difficult to breed English bulldog"

--genetic wonders in fact

Bulldog Beauty "Moon"

English Bulldog cards, bulldog gifts, bulldog t-shirts, bulldog health: "Moon was beautifully ugly. Each time we went to the vet, the waiting room emptied rapidly of ladies with poodles and cats when Moon greeted them all with those horrendous snorting noises that bulldogs make.
I couldn�t take Moon for a ride. He wouldn�t sit anywhere but in my lap, and it is very hard to drive with a 60-pound bulldog behind the wheel.
About twice a week he would bring all of the firewood to the porch, escape from the back yard and take great enjoyment from the fact that I always came to the city pound, or a distant back yard to get him. Moon was totally, helplessly mine."

--beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - all of us bulldog lovers.