Wednesday, July 13, 2005

oh, typical!

Charlotte Observer | 07/13/2005 | There was sure nothing daffy about Daisy: "it was an overweight, elderly English bulldog that plodded along the shore, stopping from time to time to plop his bottom in about two inches of water and stare longingly out to sea"

- swimming out to sea sounds more like it

I knew my bulldog was a Modern Dog

bio-bloger: "They found that most breeds of dog fall into four groups-three 'modern' categories and one 'ancient' group that may date back to antiquity.
The modern categories include breeds that have been around for fewer than 400 years:

Working dogs/guard dogs, e.g., mastiff, bulldog, boxer "

-I think bulldogs may be even more modern, about 200 years max.

So Many Health Issues, So Little Time!

How to Care for a Bulldog - "Look for eye problems such as cherry eye (swelling of a gland in the inner eyelid), entropia and dry eye. Hereditary throat problems, mange, allergies and other skin ailments are also common. Clean your bulldog's wrinkles frequently to avoid skin problems. "

-good thing they're so cute! - learn more at