Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stolen Bulldog Alert

I'm sending out this nail-biting email I received from friendswhose bulldog was stolen out of their yard. Luckily, it has a happyending, but I have heard about three other cases lately that did not.Note that the owners took QUICK DECISIVE ACTION! and that is mostlikely why they got their beloved bulldog back.
Please note: I've changed the names to protect their privacy.
"Hi Jan,Yes, it was Bentley!She was taken from our backyard over the fence while Joe, my son andI were in the house. Bentley, and our 5mo male puppy were in theyard between 5 -10 min alone. The puppy barked an alert and didn't goto the fence, or I'm sure they would have taken him too.Thank goodness for stupid criminals, as she was seen with thethieves at 2 pet stores the night she was taken. The guys at PetCo saw them again a day later and got license plates.
We are members of the Bulldog Club, and one of the members is a Commander on our local Police Dept. He ran down the plates and in the process 7 people went to jail for outstanding warrants for drug trafficking. Our final lead led to a house on Bryant St. and that got another local city Police Dept involved, Bentley wasn't there, but another bulldog was. So, our friend had the PD relay a message that he would be "breathing down the necks of everyone at the Bryant house for the rest of their days unless they returned the bulldog tonight."
That worked,because she showed up at our house 3 hours later with 2 women from our neighborhood who claimed she mysteriously appeared in their backyard...Although, no arrest was made directly to Bentley, we think with all the other arrests the people who had her obviously got scared. She is home safe and sound!! Our vet said she is OK and not to worry.We don't let our bulldogs out alone now, and I can't begin to tellyou how happy we are to have her with us again, but somehow I think youunderstand... Thanks for thinking of us"
Phew! That was a close call and it makes my stomach turn to thinkabout it. They were fortunate that they knew a local police officerfrom the Bulldog Club. I don't want to scare you, but just remind you to be particularlyvigilant, especially if you do not have a privacy fence.Your Pals,Jan & Vivy