Sunday, July 31, 2005

Introverts Love Bulldogs (or any dog really)

Holistic Junction: Articles: "One of our best kept secrets as introverts is that often our pets mean more to us than some of the people in our lives. Pets can be the perfect companion for an introvert and I don't think we should apologize for this. Pets are quiet, like us. They enjoy curling up with us for a good read by the fire. They're always enthusiastic and available for a walk in the park or a hike in the woods. And they can go for long periods of time without verbal communication! "

--our best friends, really!

Exactly What is Holistic Dog Care?

Pet Care (holistic) at Holistic Junction: "Holistic pet care is the belief in unconventional therapies and treatments. Taking into account the 'whole' animal (mind, body and spirit), holistic pet care involves a myriad of homeopathic solutions, vitamins and natural remedies. Holistic pet care is also a means of managing animals' health with alternative medicine like herbalism, therapeutic nutrition, natuaral dietary intake, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, massage and other physical therapies, and environmental medicine. "

--we only want the best for our furry friends

Help Reduce Bulldog Allergies

Home Precautions Can Limit Allergy Symptoms .: Ezine Article Directory: "Controlling dust accumulation is crucial because the typical home has many areas where mites live happily. Upholstered funiture collects dust, but carpeting is a major mite habitat and should be removed by those who suffer serious allergies. Dust mites likes clothes, too, so confine them to closets and use protective covers for any items that are worn infrequently.

Mites will take refuge in any type of fabric. Instead of drapes for window coverings, use blinds where feasible. For box springs, mattresses and pillows, protect with a mite-resistant covering that zippers on. Use hot water to launder throw rugs and bedding weekly. Clean walls, hard furniture and floors with a damp cloth. A HEPA filter on room purifiers and the vacuum cleaner will help to remove allergens.

The bedroom, your retreat for rest, is where you should work the hardest to control dust mites. Besides taking the precautions mentioned above, it's best to eliminate any surfaces where mites can exist. That means taking absolutely everything out that is not necessary. The decor will be minimalist, but you will be healthier. Once you have reduced the contents of the bedroom, clean everything thoroughly."

--yikes, they're lurking everywhere. Clean that dog bed!