Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How Much is that Bull Doggie in the Window?

Tallahassee Democrat | 09/28/2005 | Terms of Endearment: "Petland carries 50 to 60 puppies at a time. They start about $800 and go up to as much as $3,800 for something like an English bulldog.Those prices are usually more than the average customer can afford, so the credit terms make it easy, Bazell said.
Does the idea of financing a pet surprise them?
Sure, Bazell said, but then 'people are mostly excited about it.'
A company called Beneficial handles the actual financing. A spokesman declined to provide specific numbers, but said the company works with hundreds of pet shops across the country, from mom-and-pop stores to national chains."

--this is not an endorsement for puppy mills, be very careful where you get your dog