Monday, July 18, 2005

Racy Bulldog Drives Masarati - into parked van! - dog blogs and stories for dog lovers and dogs of all breeds!: "LONDON (UK) Authorities won�t prosecute �Harvey� the Bulldog for speeding, reckless driving or car theft, but if he�s ever caught driving again, he�ll have a lot of explaining to do.
Yesterday, The Sun reported that the three-year-old dog was responsible for sending Johnny Vaughan�s �60,000 sports car (worth about $100,000 US) careening into a parked van.
According to Mr. Vaughan, host of BBC�s talk show Johnny Vaughan Tonight, the portly pooch had been riding with him in his Maserati 3200GT coming home from the veterinarian in southwest London."
--fortunately Mr Vaughan has a good sense of humor!