Friday, October 28, 2005

little red spots: fleas or allergies?

Yahoo! Mail - "He said it was from the fleas and Bullies
have allergies. He gave us some Chlorhexiderm Shampoo to bath our 52 lb
10 Month old in. They said to lather it up and let it remain on the
coat for 15 min then wash it off. This will help the skin. He also got
hot spots where the hair fell off and the skin is red. We were told to
give ours 1 adult Claritin tablet a day right now for his allergies.
The vet is also a breeder. His dogs are beautiful!!! So far the skin
allergy is the only issue we have had with him. The vet said the
Claritin a day will help keep the skin allergy away during the Spring and

--I'd say allergies, not fleas

Megaesophagus - inability to swallow

M - Megaesophagus: "This is a condition in which the esophageal muscles lose their strength and the esophagus dilates to a much larger size. Usually dogs with this condition regurgitate food as well as water but I have seen at least one other dog that started out just regurgitating when it drank water. Sometimes the enlarged esophagus is visible on plain X-rays of the chest but often it is necessary to use some kind of contrast medium like barium to make the enlargement visible.
There are other possible problems like esophageal diverticuli, hiatal hernia, esophagitis, pylorospasm, esophageal tumors and probably others. In addition, there are about thirty disorders that can cause a secondary megaesophagus problem. "

--very serious, but often mis-diagnosed in bulldog