Friday, September 30, 2005

Ear Infections

Bulldog Club of Denver ::: "Ear infections are typically treated with ear cleansers and topical application of medications that aim to kill the yeast or bacteria. Many topical medications also have anti-inflammatory agents (usually steroids) in them to help with the inflammation and irritation caused by the infection. Oral medications and ear cleansers are the first step. The cleansers aim to break up the wax and debris in the ear, as pets with ear infections have discharge that fills their ear canals. Cleaning is essential to successfully eradicating the infection, and your pet will be more comfortable. If home cleaning is not successful, then deep ear cleaning under anesthesia may be necessary. The type of infection and its chroncity will dictate the medication needed.
If your pet has recurrent or chronic ear problems, it is likely that either the infection was not completely cleared up initially and/or that the underlying cause of the ear problem has not been addressed. The most common underlying cause of ear problems in dogs and cats is allergies. The allergy may be towards food or airborne environmental allergens such as pollens, dusts or molds. Over 20% of dogs with food allergies begin with ear problems as the only sign, and ear disease may be found in up to 80% of the dogs with food allergy."

--those allergies seem to be at the heart of most bulldog problems


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