Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Deep Pyoderma

hotspot: "Deep Pyoderma
Deep pyoderma is a serious disease involving follicular (follicle -- a small secretory sac or cavity) ruptures caused by bacterial infection that extends to the dermis. The lesions may be localized or generalized, and often appear on the face, feet and pressure points. Deep pyoderma may include pressure point, nasal, interdigital, muzzle and chin, and generalized varieties.
Pressure point pyoderma is usually found in the large and giant breeds. The elbows, hocks, toes and outside stifles are most commonly affected. It is characterized by an increase in callous surface, persistent oozing, crusting and wearing away of the skin. Whirlpool baths of povidone iodine or chlorohexidine, and appropriate antibiotics are the indicated therapy. Providing the animal with soft bedding is also helpful. "

--we call this one the flesh eating disease because it can grow and looks awful


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