Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Paw Licking Due to Allergies

Allergy Problems in Dogs: "3V Capsules (tm) are currently favored by veterinary dermatologists as they contain a higher
percentage of the fatty acids thought to be helpful. It takes several weeks for a benefit to show from
essential fatty acid supplementation and not all dogs and cats are helped. Antihistamines used in
combination with the 3V capsules may be beneficial. The antihistamine most likely to help, based on
studies, is clemastine (Tavist tm). Regular bathing with soothing or antibacterial shampoos can be
helpful, although not all dogs are cooperative about this.
If there is a secondary (or primary) bacterial skin infection, then using an antibiotic or antibacterial
shampoo might be helpful. "

--fatty acids can be found in Olive Oil


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