Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Head Shaking Causes

Face and Head probelms in Dogs: "In my practice area, head shaking is a frequent side effect of allergies,
fleas, mosquito bites and fly bites. Allergies can be inhalant allergies to
pollens, etc. (atopy), food allergies, or flea or mosquito bite allergies
(worse reaction than just getting bitten). Some dogs have immune mediated
diseases that make their ears itchy. Occasionally a young dog will have
head shaking as an early sign of demodectic mange infestation. Sarcoptic
mange mite infection also can lead to head shaking.
In the case of atopy, the head shaking may be the result of itchiness or it
may be the result of inflammation of the respiratory tract and eustachian
tube leading to problems equalizing the pressure in the middle ears or to
fluid accumulation in the middle ears. Antihistamines may help relieve the
itchiness and sometimes help with the respiratory signs, as well. You might
want to ask your vet about this, too. "

--a trip to the vet is in order


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