Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bulldog Allergies and Bald Spots

ThePittsburghChannel.com - News - Action News Extra: Treatment For Animal Allergies, Skin Problems: "A skin test given by Dr. Chris Cook revealed that Clarise was allergic to tobacco and cats. Geis hadn't had cats for a while, but she and her husband replaced all their carpets and now give Clarise monthly allergy shots.
Cook, veterinary dermatologist: 'Dogs get allergies to the same things as people do. We know suprisingly little about the immune system, when we look at why allergies work.'
Smedley, an English bulldog, is another satisfied customer.
Susan Lazur, owner: 'He is so much better. He doesn't have any bald spots. He was going bald, like male pattern baldness.'
A skin test showed that Smedley was allergic to trees, grass, dust and Lazur's cat.
Lazur: 'I had her (the cat) before him, so he just has to learn to live with her.'
Cook: 'We even have a few dogs that are allergic to human dander. They are allergic to their owners.'
You can bet there is a shot for that.
Smedley has been on vaccine therapy for a year. Now, he's off steroids and being weaned from his antihistamines."

--why are allergies on the rise I wonder


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